Support vocal for local sustainable and earth friendly materials such as areca and bagasse, cotton and jute, completley discouraging single use plastics, by campaigning on various social media platforms.
Preparing natural fertilizers such as jeevamrutha, natural pesticides such as neemastra and distributing them free of cost to the marginalized farmers.
Interactive and "do it along" workshops at city and village levels to manage your kitchen waste and converting in into compost, in a program, we nickname as " my waste my responsibility ".
Conducting workshops for kids as young as 5, to elderly women, to teach them about grey water recycling, 6R's, harmful effects of plastics, their grades and recycling
Assistance of awareness on E waste generation and recycling.
Site inspections and advice on rain water harvesting.Preaching the same in schools through models.
Collecting seeds and preparing seedballs in cowdung and compost, planting them whenever and wherever feasible and possible. Distributing the same to kids, to teach them the importance of seeds.
Do it along, citrus bioenzmyes, banana enzymes, natural home remedies to manage your terrace gardens to various social groups.
Upcycling oil barrels into aerobic compost bins and donating it to orphan homes, old age homes and targeting government schools so as to take care of kitchen waste and save dry leaves from burning.
We conduct many online and offline seminars and webinars, participate in many platforms and competitions where our voice and language of "sustainability " can be heard.