Amulya Boondh” formerly known as “save water save life”, was started as a mere community page on facebook, in the year 2015 ,to create awareness among general public. It was the year when drought struck the ever water abundant Belgaum.

Although many Ngo s and social groups come up with water provision schemes every year, I had something different on my mind, instead of quenching every persons thirst, why don’t you teach him how to dig a well!!! The group was specifically formed to create awareness on water wastage problems and solutions. .

Ever since then, it was the schools and colleges we visited with working models of rain water harvesting., ppts, AVs, props only with an idea of teaching them the correct use of water.

In very small ways and at a snail’s pace,  we grew . We uploaded videos of our programs owing to which not only the city Belgaum, and villages around, but a couple of colleges in Noida and Pune also approached us for creating awareness. They say” awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed” awareness is therefore, the greatest agent to change.

After four years of actual on- field work and inception, we planned to take a small leap and venture into areas which are directly and indirectly related to water. Be it planting trees in schools and open areas, collecting seeds and preparing seed balls, bombing seed balls on barren land, rain water harvesting, solid waste management, preparing compost out of kitchen waste, converting leaf litter in humus, specifically wet waste composting.

After learning and studying that water scarcity has many facets , there are direct and indirect reasons for the same, we started getting into the deeper aspect. And that was the pollution of water due to household chemical cleaners, detergents etc . We learnt and endorsed "citrus bioenzyme ", chemical free all purpose cleaners . Likewise, once we established in mind the direct connection between natural farming and less water requirement, chemical free farming, we trained ourself for it.

In the pursuit to save the precious drop of water, I had not the slightest idea that we were learning sustainable living as well.

Currently, as a licensed non profit organization, we stress and emphasize on sustainable living, we evolve each day and explore and use all the elements of the planet, so as to benefit others and ourselves without harming nature .